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2015 most popular weight loss equipment hifu slimming machine

2015 most popular weight loss equipment hifu slimming machine

    • 2015 most popular weight loss equipment hifu slimming machine
    • 2015 most popular weight loss equipment hifu slimming machine
  • 2015 most popular weight loss equipment hifu slimming machine

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Beijing, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: NUBWAY
    Certification: CE, ISO,FDA
    Model Number: Hifu200

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Packaging Details: Aluminium Alloy box
    Delivery Time: whthin 5 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T,WestUnion,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 500 sets/per month
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
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    Detailed Product Description

    Anti-aging Hifu For Skin Rejuvenation

    Ultrashape slimming machine.jpg


    Product Description

    Brief Introduction

    The clinically-proven HifuShape procedure is the most widely used non-invasive solution

    for fat destruction and body sculpting. It uses pulsed focused ultrasound to target and reduce

    unwanted localized fat deposits, reduce body circumference and improve body shape.


    Treatment principle

    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound penetrates focused and volumetric ultrasonic energy at

    precise depth (1.2 cm) in subcutaneous fat layers targeting fat tissue causing a non-thermal

    effect. The surrounding structures such as the epidermis, blood vessels and nerves will not

    be damaged. Meanwhile the metabolized contents (triglyceride, fatty acid) of cells will

    excrete outside body automatically through blood circulation and lymphatic drainage without

    harm to the human body.

    2015 most popular weight loss equipment hifu slimming machine


    Treatment Scope & effects

    The HifuShape treatment focuses on the abdomen, thighs (“saddle bags”) and flanks 

    (“love handles") After three treatment, you will see the excellent effects,  5~8 cm

    fat in circumference disappeared!



    2015 most popular weight loss equipment hifu slimming machine



    1.Non-surgical treatment: no injection, no wound, no drugs, no anesthesia in the whole

    treatment process. 
    2.Safety: it selectively takes effects on the target fat cells, destroying the fat cells thoroughly,

    and then the fats cells are removed by the absorption and decomposition of human body’s

    natural endogenous metabolism. Meanwhile, the surrounding epidermis, blood vessels and

    nerves remain unharmed. There is no risk of infection and trauma. A safe body shaping is

    3.Intelligent design: Intelligent control, touch operation, visual interfaces, Easy to learn, safe

    and convenient.
    4.Convenience:The whole treatment is comfortable, no need to wear a shaper corset, no

    down-time, without any affects to normal life and work.
    5.Effective results: After one treatment, 2cm fat will be reduced; after 3 treatments, 5-8cm fat

    will be removed. Remarkable slimming results without bounce.

    6.Even we promise:If the machine is invalid, we’ll refund the money you paid!


    Technical Parameters

    Input power 


     Output power 


          Energy level 

    1-5 continuously adjustable 

    Pulse width 

    0.5-1.5S adjustable 

    Cooling system


    Power supply 

    AC220V 50Hz/AC110V 60Hz

    Working Temperature 


    Storage temperature 


    Relative humidity 


    Atmospheric pressure 




    Pictures show:



    HIFU SLimming.jpg

    HIFU Shape.jpg


    HIFU handle.jpg






    1.What results can I expect?

    Clinical results show that in three treatments, patients see an average of 4 cm reduction

    in circumference.. A three treatment regimen is recommended to achieve maximum results. 

    As with any non-invasive procedure the results you see may differ from the clinical trial 

    results and patient to patient.



    2.How long will it take to see results?


    After the UltraShape procedure, released contents of the broken-down fat cells are naturally

    cleared by the body over a 2-4 week period. Circumference and fat thickness reduction is 

    usually seen within the first 14 - 28 days post treatment. Maximum results are seen about 

    28 days post the final treatment.



    3.How long will the results last?

    Just as with liposuction, once fat cells are removed from the treatment area the results are

    expected to be long lasting, as long as you maintain your weight with a healthy diet and exercise.


    4.Are there any side effects?

    Extensive clinical trials and over 200,000 patient treatments performed worldwide have 

    demonstrated the excellent safety profile of the UltraShape procedure.



    5.What does the procedure feel like?


    Patients usually report feeling light-to-moderate tingling or warmth in the treated area.



    6.How does the UltraShape procedure differ from other non-invasive ultrasound

    treatments for body contouring?

    UltraShape uses pulsed focused ultrasound energy which selectively targets and destroys 

    fat cells. Other ultrasound technology uses non-focused standard ultrasound which cannot 

    break down fat cells.

    Unlike many other noninvasive treatments UltraShape is scientifically and clinically proven

    safe and effective. It has more than 7 peer reviewed publish articles and book chapters and 

    has been widely tested by the world's most prestigious doctors.


    Company Information

    Our professional factory

    We are professional manufacture with the best engineers and technical team, R&D team and service team.

    Dear, We are warmly welcome you to visit our Company! You will be much confident for our cooperation!


    2015 most popular weight loss equipment hifu slimming machine

    For HIFU slimming machine, we are the First and Unique manufacture in China! All over world the distributiors we wanted! Hope for our Win Win cooperation!


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    Harry Gu

    Beijing Nubway S&T Development Co., Ltd


    Phone/Whatsapp/Viber: 0086 18911250641

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